Master Plan

November 17, 2016

An introduction to our Master Plan model.

Our Master Plan models provide “a bird’s eye view” over cities that are clear cut and beautiful.

A large scale model can help showcase detailed overviews of cityscapes. The more accurate the design, the better we are able to understand the layout and infrastructure of a city. This is especially important for urban planning. Our Master plan models help drive that understanding effectively through our architectural specialty and technology.

Our attention to detail has been lauded as one of the best and we have a list of successful projects to prove it. From the intricacy of road mappings to incorporating complicating blueprints into our designs, what comes after is a miniature model that is both visually appealing and highly consistent.

To have an idea materialized into a model that is both realistic and life-like requires a keen sense of visualization to think three-dimensionally.

Examples of this can be the design of spatial relationships between buildings, which are made harder when it is over a large scale of land. Because we have invested heavily in advanced soft wares and are highly trained/experienced, we are able to replicate both intricate blueprints and topographical overviews into our models.